Crafting for Hope

I always love crafting with my children.  I also feel it’s very important to teach children that we must always help others – whether it be giving a small gift to cheer a friend who is having a bad day, cooking a meal for new parents, or donating to a charity.  So, when Craft Hope posted their recent project, I was thrilled that it was a project all three of my children to take part in.

For Project 22, Craft Hope is collecting flip flops for children in Nicaragua.

I purchased four pairs of flips flips, and then dug through our craft cupboard and my sewing supplies.  I also purchased Crafter’s Glue “The Ultimate”.  This is a non-toxic, water based glue with a super strong hold.  I knew getting things to stick to the flip flops might be tricky, and this stuff seems to have worked well for us.  I also wasn’t worried about my 3-year-old using it, and it goes on as simply as white glue.

So, we covered the table and set to work.




I think they turned out super cute, don’t you?


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1 Response to Crafting for Hope

  1. Andrea says:

    They are cute! I’m excited about this project too! 🙂

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