Even Girls Like Airplanes

I love being able to make special custom outfits!

I recently was asked to make a custom onesie set in girly fabric, with an airplane applique.  I gather that baby’s Daddy loves airplanes and this was to be a special gift  for Father’s Day.  It’s okay.. I’m allowed to post it here.  Mom was so excited she gave it to him early! LOL!


I’m really happy with how it turned out! 



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3 Responses to Even Girls Like Airplanes

  1. Lindsay says:

    I have been searching for girly airplane outfits and have not found any!!! My husband is in avionics and loves planes. This is so adorable!!!!

    • It can be hard to find girl clothing in “boy” themes. I am always happy to take custom orders and not just in baby sizes. I can applique onto big kid shirts, or make dresses, etc… I have a little girl who loves cars and airplanes and lego. It’s nice to be able to make her clothes that I can’t find in stores. 🙂

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