As We Move Into The New Year

The upcoming New Year is a time for reflecting on our lives and making resolutions.  I look forward to this time of year with a fresh new hope.

Our family had a particularly difficult year this year, and our December was particularly hard as we had to say goodbye to our beautiful yellow lab of 11 years.  We have a lot to be thankful for though and we have been trying to focus on those blessings.

Some of my resolutions for the year are to eat better, drink more water and fit in more exercise time.  One thing that I would really like to focus on this year is adding a lot more handmade items to my home.  I spend a lot of time sewing for my shop and very little time sewing for myself, my family and my home. 

We have lived in our home for 11 years and my husband and I have kept the dream of moving to the country and living a simple life in our minds and hearts.  What we have come to realize, is that our house is home to our children.  And with this realization, I started to think about how we have kept our house… a house.  We have neglected to fill it with things that make a house feel like home.  We have very little art on our walls and not much in the way of personal touches.  I am ready to make our house a home, and for me, adding handmade items is a good way to start.

I hope to share with you the creations I make over the next year (or more!).  I also hope to add a bit more organization to some areas of our home and hope to share those changes with you too.

What about you?  What are your resolutions for the New Year?

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!

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1 Response to As We Move Into The New Year

  1. Andrea says:

    Somehow water, eating better and exercise always make it on my list, too! I know what you mean about keeping your house a house because you see it as a “just until” place. My husband and I have now been in our “just until” house for 8 years now! And it still looks like we are university students with our milk crate and press board shelves and lack of furniture. (and we both graduated over 10 years ago…..) Perhaps this will also be the year our house starts to look more like home, too. The other thing that always comes up for me is sewing my way through my box of UFOs. I, too, want to make more things for myself and my family, as well as keeping the shop going. It’s a good thing I love to sew! 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful new year!

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