Getting Ready for Fall

I’ve been busy making reusable snack bags lately.  I’ve also been doing a few custom orders for crochet hats.  But I’ve also been making time to sew a bit for my own family and friends.

This past month, I have made this super sweet hooded cape (by Oliver and S).

I made it from some corduroy I picked up at a local theater company’s costume and fabric sale and an old sheet.  I guess that would make it an upcycled project.  I love it!

It has a button and loop closure…

And little slots for hands to poke out.

I also whipped up this skirt.  Also made from corduroy I got from the theater company’s sale.

It’s been nice to fit in a bit of personal sewing time.  I usually dedicate all my time to the shop and I was missing sewing for my family and friends.  I am working to find a balance between the two.

Watch for a lot more snack bags coming soon, as well as crochet hats.  Want to see other items I’ve made?  Check out my Facebook page to see past custom orders and more.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Fall

  1. Andi says:

    Sweet projects! I especially love that hooded cape! 🙂

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