Reusable Snack Bags – Eco-Friendly and Ultra-Cool!

In today’s world, we have been working harder to be aware of those things that negatively impact our environment and make positive changes.

Many people have switched from getting plastic bags at the grocery store and are bringing their own cloth bags.  Our children’s lunch kits used to be filled with food covered in plastic wrap and we are now switching to reusable plastic containers. 

Many schools, including the one my middle daughter attends are litter free.  They recycle and compost and have no garbage cans on site.

This is a fantastic trend and has had me making reusable snack bags for my children.  Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are super cool and you can make them in so many prints!

I am so excited to bring this great trend into my shop!

You can now buy eco-friendly reusable snack bags at Flower Bubbles!

My snack bags are made from cotton and I offer both cotton lining or a lining made from ripstop nylon (for ‘wet’ foods, like apple, grapes, etc).  I choose to stay away from PUL fabric as it has not been proven to be food safe at this point.

My snack bags also feature a fold over flap.  This type of closure keeps the food safely inside, but allows for younger children (toddlers, preschoolers) to easily get into their snack bags.

Prefer a velcro closure?  A special theme (my oldest loves owls!)? Want all mini sized or all medium? I also take custom orders! 

These snack bags currently come in three sizes.  I love the mini for my 3-year-old!  It’s the perfect size for holding Cheerios or Goldfish crackers.

Be sure to pop by the shop often as I will be adding more snack bags over the next few weeks.  These are perfect for Back To School, daycare, preschool or everyday outings!

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