Because it was a Rainy Day

Living on the beautiful West Coast, we enjoy fantastic mild weather year round.  I truly love being a West Coast girl. 

But living on the West Coast also means that, even in the summer, there will be rainy days. Having three busy children means we need to get creative on those days.

We had one of those days recently and here is what we got up to…

First, we made a mail box.  We used a shoe box, put it on end, cut a slit near the top for mail.  I then went to the Canada Post website and found this great printable logo.  We then taped some red paper to the box, taped the logo on and we had our mailbox!

But what is a play post office without a bag for the mail carrier?  We had to make a mail bag!

And out came the felt!

Now if I were thinking ahead, I would have made a tutorial for this.  We were just so in the moment though, and it really is all about those little moments, isn’t it?

I cut the felt into a big rectangle, folded it into 3, so it looked like a bag.  I then stitched along the 2 sides.  I cut a long strip for the handle and hand sewed it into place.

With a 3-year-old in the house – one who is very interested in learning to read – I decided to put the word MAIL on the bag.  I didn’t use a pattern.  I just cut out the letters and glued them on with a glue gun.

This entertained all my children (the oldest being 10), for at least the next 2 hours.  They used subscription cards from magazines, postcards we had in the house, envelopes, paper.  They had so much fun!

Some people hate the rain around here.  We love it (as long as it’s not every day!).  It gets us creating together and playing together.  Something we often rush past in this busy life.

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1 Response to Because it was a Rainy Day

  1. Andi says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! What lucky girls to have such a creative mom!. And the mail carrier bag you made is awesome!

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